Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Well this weekend I did my very first cake to sell and it was 2 tier.  It came out cute.  I had some "issues" but for a first go I think it was a success.  I also made 80 cake pops.  40 to go with the cake and 40 for a friend's birthday.  All of this while my kitchen walls were getting redone :) 

I had my first cancellation and you know what I was not upset.  I am going to attempt a 3 tier cake for one of my very best friend's 30th birthday party Saturday and had another cakepop order too so some extra breathing room is welcome.  Even thought these 2 orders are no charge and the cancelled one I would have gotten paid for LMAO

Here are some pics of the cake.  It was magic theme for a 9th birthday.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tomorrow will be busy.

We moved our home office upstairs to the guest room since it is air conditioned and the office has become my baking storage room.  Tomorrow is the day to organize it.  I will post some pics when it is done.  It will still be home to the tarantulas as the heat is good for them and AC is not.

Happy Wednesday Sweeties!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

It has been awhile!

Sorry I haven't posted in a week but I had a small "Stay-cation".  My job closes the first week of July every year.  I spent the 4th at Cherry Grove which is a small part of Fire Island and then tried to go to 6 flags on the 6th but I had car issues on the way and never made it.  Other than that just some stuff around the house and tried to relax.  I only had one cakepop order for some of my best friends so I did the ice cream cones again.  They are just so fun!

I ordered the roller for the cake pops and it should be here on Tuesday so I will be playing with that a bit and a few orders over the last few weeks of the month.  Today I am also going to return 95% of the Wilton Candy Melts I have here (glad I kept all my receipts) and head over to AC Moore to get some of the brand they sell Make and Mold I think it is called.  This was a suggestion from Kim @ KCBakes and she is my long lost ginger twin (who just happens to be about 9 years younger than me lmao) and has never steered me wrong!  I will keep you guys posted!

Happy Sunday it is beautiful here on Long Island!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Candy Melts

I have used Wilton Candy melts since I starting making cake bites then cakepops.  Recently I have been having issues, the candy dosent melt as thin as it used to it seems.  I did try Merkens once....ONCE and we remember my 6am night with the cracks.  I have tried adding paramount crystals but it hasn't helped.  I use the Wilton chocolate pro as below and keep it on warm and off during my dipping.  I just don't know what I can do differently. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?  I want to try new and fun shapes of cake pops but with out a good dip they will never be how I want them to be.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

You learn something new everyday.

Today I learned that when you are making up new recipes (hey that was the very first time I spelled recipes correctly lol) anyway, when you are making up new recipes you know you have to keep tasting and sampling to make sure they are good...well this sweeties gives you a hell of a belly ache!  And I do think I got a little tipsy from how much alcohol was in everything.  (I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking but still)

I made what I called pina colada cupcakes and chocolate russians.  the first was a pineapple and rum cake, drenched in rum again when it came out of the oven with a coconut and rum frosting and shreaded coconut on top.  I must say they were delish!  The others were a chocolate, khalua and vodka cake drenched in more khalua and vodka when they came out with a bailys, khalua and vodka buttercream.  I used whipped cream vodka for these.  Then I topped with chocolate and vanilla sprinkles.  They were also very yummy but super sweet.

After that was some non alcoholic cake pops and to bed as I had a 5k this morning.  That was not as much fun with a still lingering belly ache since I was unable to eat anything after all the cupcakes last night or this morning that was a good fuel.  I didn't do any worse that past runs but I didn't do any better either.

Tonight I have 2 more orders of cakepops I would liek to get done but as they don't have to be done I may put them off one more day.  I also have to make a bunch of gumpaste flowers and balls for my cake Tuesday and with the humidity I want them to have as much time as possible to dry.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and hopefully I will get a bunch of pictures sent form the Pride Parade as I had to miss it this year...and I am sure it was EPIC!

Till next time Sweeties....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finally the weekend.

Sorry I have not been posting this week.  I haven't really been baking.  Back at it today with 2 double orders of cake pops 2 orders of cupcakes and 1 single order of cakepops.  All of this and a 5k in the morning. 

I am trying 2 new recipes for the cupcakes today.  They are adult cupcakes so I am doing a pina colada and a white russian.  I will post pics (at least to facebook) tonight.  The 2 large orders of cake pops are red velvet one set being birthday themes and the other set are for Tom's job so they need to be Nikon themed LOL.  The last order is a new recipie of raspberry lemonade.  I am thinking a lemon cake, vanilla frosting with a swirl of raspberry jam and covered in pink and yellow.  Thoughts?

Well I need to go to the grocery store and the running store to hopefully exchange the new sneakers I got, they are still killing my feet :(

Happy Weekend Sweeties and keep an eye for pics!

Monday, June 20, 2011


So last week I sent 2 identical orders to 2 parts of Florida.  1 set to Jacksonville and 1 set to Palm Beach Gardens.  The ones to Jax arrived perfectly even with UPS destroying the outer box.  I just heard the others arrived melted.  Both were sent UPS 2day.  I do think the melted ones were left outside for a bit as they were delivered to a home address and the Jax were delivered to a business so they were inside but I am so upset about this!  They went to family so they are more understanding but I think that makes me more upset.

I guess I will either have to not ship to hot locations in the summer or find some sort of cooler to send things in, I just don't want shipping to end up costing more than the pops themselves.

Happy Monday Sweeties.