Monday, June 20, 2011


So last week I sent 2 identical orders to 2 parts of Florida.  1 set to Jacksonville and 1 set to Palm Beach Gardens.  The ones to Jax arrived perfectly even with UPS destroying the outer box.  I just heard the others arrived melted.  Both were sent UPS 2day.  I do think the melted ones were left outside for a bit as they were delivered to a home address and the Jax were delivered to a business so they were inside but I am so upset about this!  They went to family so they are more understanding but I think that makes me more upset.

I guess I will either have to not ship to hot locations in the summer or find some sort of cooler to send things in, I just don't want shipping to end up costing more than the pops themselves.

Happy Monday Sweeties.


  1. Just got confirmation, there was no one home so they sat on the door step. I still don't feel better about melted product but at least I know of the reason.

  2. Have you thought about sending them packed in dry ice? (not sure how cheap that would be though)

  3. UPS dosent allow dry ice to go via air travel unless it is for medical purposes. Only UPS ground :(

    I think it is just that they were outside for over an hour....Florida is super hot. I think I will have to ship to business address only during hot months.

  4. It's been like 100 degrees in Florida, don't feel bad! I am sure they *were* yummy anyway, because I would have still eaten them!

  5. Aw no! I think if you use USPS there's a way you can have the recipient pick up the package at the post office?

  6. LOL, Danielle they did still eat them but I was still bummed. They were for my godfather after all! I will make more and send them down when it is cooler :)

    @Kim, I will check into that thanks!