Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finally the weekend.

Sorry I have not been posting this week.  I haven't really been baking.  Back at it today with 2 double orders of cake pops 2 orders of cupcakes and 1 single order of cakepops.  All of this and a 5k in the morning. 

I am trying 2 new recipes for the cupcakes today.  They are adult cupcakes so I am doing a pina colada and a white russian.  I will post pics (at least to facebook) tonight.  The 2 large orders of cake pops are red velvet one set being birthday themes and the other set are for Tom's job so they need to be Nikon themed LOL.  The last order is a new recipie of raspberry lemonade.  I am thinking a lemon cake, vanilla frosting with a swirl of raspberry jam and covered in pink and yellow.  Thoughts?

Well I need to go to the grocery store and the running store to hopefully exchange the new sneakers I got, they are still killing my feet :(

Happy Weekend Sweeties and keep an eye for pics!

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