Sunday, June 26, 2011

You learn something new everyday.

Today I learned that when you are making up new recipes (hey that was the very first time I spelled recipes correctly lol) anyway, when you are making up new recipes you know you have to keep tasting and sampling to make sure they are good...well this sweeties gives you a hell of a belly ache!  And I do think I got a little tipsy from how much alcohol was in everything.  (I am a lightweight when it comes to drinking but still)

I made what I called pina colada cupcakes and chocolate russians.  the first was a pineapple and rum cake, drenched in rum again when it came out of the oven with a coconut and rum frosting and shreaded coconut on top.  I must say they were delish!  The others were a chocolate, khalua and vodka cake drenched in more khalua and vodka when they came out with a bailys, khalua and vodka buttercream.  I used whipped cream vodka for these.  Then I topped with chocolate and vanilla sprinkles.  They were also very yummy but super sweet.

After that was some non alcoholic cake pops and to bed as I had a 5k this morning.  That was not as much fun with a still lingering belly ache since I was unable to eat anything after all the cupcakes last night or this morning that was a good fuel.  I didn't do any worse that past runs but I didn't do any better either.

Tonight I have 2 more orders of cakepops I would liek to get done but as they don't have to be done I may put them off one more day.  I also have to make a bunch of gumpaste flowers and balls for my cake Tuesday and with the humidity I want them to have as much time as possible to dry.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and hopefully I will get a bunch of pictures sent form the Pride Parade as I had to miss it this year...and I am sure it was EPIC!

Till next time Sweeties....

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