Friday, June 17, 2011

Thank goodness it is Friday!

I am super sleepy so this post maybe be a little jumbled.

It has been a loooooooooooooooong week!  My sleep schedule and my kitchen are paying the price for me being so busy!  I guess I shouldn't complain a lot of orders is a great "problem".  I have informed everyone in my house that the kitchen will be closed tonight for maintenance as well as the dining room as that is where I bag/tag and pack the orders.  I need to get it all clean and then get to sleep early for my 5k tomorrow morning. 

Last night I did watermelon pops for the first time.  Not flavor just in looks, white cake dyed pink, mini chocolate chips covered in white chocolate and instead of dipping again in green I did a very fine green sugar coat and I am so happy with how they came out!  Please check out my pics!  I also did my first fondant decorations on pops, Brazilian flags for a friend's uncle. They are super cute and for my 2nd time ever using fondant, not too bad!  The first time was lady bugs on cupcakes :)

I am nervous for the 5k tomorrow, I woke up 3 times this week with a charlie horse in my right calf so it is super sore.  I got a gel mat from Bed Bath and Beyond and it is incredible but still up to 6 hours a night on my feet takes a toll!

In case I do not post for a few days Happy Weekend Sweeties!! 

Looks like I may have an order to fill on Sunday but that should be pretty quick and that gives me some much needed relax and husband time.  Also our friend who has been staying with us for a while is moving out on Monday so we will need to go out to dinner or something Sunday night.

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