Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Better Night!

Well last night I did 5 full father's day orders and still got to bed around midnight!  It was such a relief.  I was still annoyed at Friday's horror show!  Last night was fun again and reminded me that I do like to do this :)

Tomorrow I have a large graduation order and Thursday a few more father's day cake pop orders along with a cupcake order.  I will be trying to take a break this weekend or maybe us the left over dough/batter to just practice with other shapes and maybe revisit the dreaded hot pink Merkens chocolate from Friday.

I had a fondant class tonight and it really is a lot of fun!  I do have a few future cake orders that I am now really looking forward to!

There are pictures from last night order on facebook!  www.facebook.com/sweetiedarlings

Please check them out until I get started uploading to my flickr or even to here :)  I am turning in early tonight with a good book.  Good Night Sweeties!!

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