Saturday, June 11, 2011

Long night.

Well I had 3 orders to fill tonight.  One small 12 pop one, a large 40 pop one and one large order of pops and cupcake jars.  The jars came out great but took a little longer than expected as I am not the best with ribbons, lmao. 

When I was planning the large order I came across this 5lb bag of beautiful hot pink candy melts, it was over $20.00 but it was Merken and everyone swears by this brand.  So I like to do pops as close to the date as possible to assure the freshest of pop.  I was almost in tears, every pop cracked...EVERY ONE!  I was able to salvage a few with decorations over the cracks but it was insane 2-3 hours later crackes would pop so loud I could hear them.  The blue Wilton melts worked like a charm for the first time every pop in a batch was perfect.

I also tried a new thing tonight where I put the pops stick up with the tags on the stick instead of tied on.  I took a few pics to upload in a day or two but it is 3:50am and I have to be up @ 8 for a busy - busy day.

Sunday is a 5k in the morning and then baking inthe evening so I will try to update again and have the pictures ready.

Good night!!


  1. OMG - I've had that happen more than once... well, I've never HEARD them pop, that's crazy. But I made blue & white pops for a baptism order, and they looked so perfect. Then, about an hour before they were due to be picked up, all of the blue ones split! I was nearly in tears, melting "emergency" chocolate to patch things up. They never noticed, but I was not pleased with the results: See the blue pops.

  2. They look great, but I am sure you know where each and every crack one noticed the ones on mine but each one was so obvious to me.